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Stacey Kalberman, former Director of the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission (formerly known as the State Ethics Commission), alleged that she was forced out of her position because of her office’s investigation into the ethics complaints associated with Governor Nathan Deal’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign. In April 2014, a Fulton County jury agreed and awarded Ms. Kalberman compensatory damages in the amount of $700,000. In addition to the jury’s award, Ms. Kalberman was also awarded her statutory attorney’s fees which brought her total damages to $1.2 million dollars. Click here to read full article on Ms. Kalberman’s victory.

The verdict in Ms. Kalberman’s case received National media attention. The National coverage on Ms. Kalberman’s victory is available in the links below.

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Ms. Kalberman’s verdict garnered so much media attention, Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Mike Lukovich created a cartoon of Governor Nathan Deal after the jury’s verdict. To view Mr. Luckovich’s cartoon click here.