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National Origin Discrimination


National origin discrimination means treating someone less favorably because he/she is from a particular place, because of his/her ethnicity or accent, or because it is believed that he/she has a particular ethnic background. National origin discrimination also means treating someone less favorably at work because of marriage or other association with someone of a particular nationality.”

Your employer may not take adverse action against you because of your national origin. This also includes harassment, such as name calling or abuse because of your national origin. Also, like the other anti-discrimination laws, the national origin discrimination rules also prohibit retaliation against you for complaining about national origin discrimination or for participating in someone else’s national origin discrimination case.

If you believe you have been subjected to discrimination and/or harassment based upon your national origin, you must file a Notice of charge of discrimination within 180 days of the last date of discrimination/harassment. Do not wait to act on your claims as they are time sensitive. For more information on filing a claim click here.